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MADNESS TO OUR METHOD - Sentinel Records

Metal Observer Burning Ambition
Temple of Metal Metalspheres
Metal Coven Hit the Pit
Transcending the Mundane Kiravilu
Rock Metal The Dark Site
Bleeding for Metal Rock Hard
Bright Eyes True Metal
Get Ready to Rock Unbound Zine
Metal Italia Metal Only
Catdam Live 4 Metal
Morrigans Pit Adnoctum
Sounds of Battle NuSkull
Metal District Sea of Tranquility
Zwaremetalen Fishcom Collective Multum in Parvo
True Metal Rock Hard
Froster Online Eye of Shiva
Beowolf Productions Paranoid Zine
Raw Nerve Blood Chamber
Harm/666Metal Shapeless
Metal Crusade Foundry Music
Blood Dawn Vampster
Max Metal Disintegration
Metal Mayhem Metal Rage
Metal Covenant Metal Fanatix
MRock Republika Amboss Mag
Heavy Music Portal Wild Zine
Shadowshire Imperiumi
Dark Fortress Metal Heart
Metal March PowerMetal (Ger)
Strutterzine Neck Breaker
Metal Gospel Pivotal Rage
Metal Storm Benzoworld
Ancient Spirit Whiplash
Metal News Mondongo Canibale
Abyss Webzine Maximum Metal
Archaic Metallurgy Pyro Music
Metal Archive Over Hook
Rock and Heavy Ball Buster Zine
Metal Central Sleaze Metal
The Metal List Scratch Magazine
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SCAVENGER (Demo) - Self released

Metal Ireland Powermetal
Metal Observer Music Extreme
Metal Only Shapeless
Metal Maniacs  
Den of Iniquity  


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