Despite looking like they could be Indie heroes, Drogheda band Scavenger are very much in the Old School of metal, drawing influence from the likes of Iron Maiden and Megadeth, but marrying all with a much more modern metal sound.

A band who use their guitars as instruments rather than weapons, they are somewhat unique in todays world of "two chords and a cheesy rap" metal. Taking the approach of keeping the riff alive they skip between fast-paced guitars you could cut yourself on and slow melodic picking with the utmost of ease, and don't forget the fret-board burning solos.
The vocals are reminiscent of 80's big hair bands, while avoiding the cheesiness associated with that decade. Vocalist, Peter Dunne, places more importance on singing rather than shouting along to a mass of drum, guitar and bass noise. Another plus is that there is not a rap in sight. Don't fear, however, the music still has the potential to really annoy your parents/housemates/neighbours if played at sufficient volume.

The band have played quite a few gigs since their incarnation in autumn last year, including Dublin's Eamonn Dorans and Frazer's. Both in Dublin and beyond they are pleasing an ever-growing fan base of loyal Scavengers.

They have spent the past few months recording their excellent debut album, simply entitled Scavenger, which is available from Dublin's darkest music shop, Sound Cellar, or from the band themselves.

Stephen McMullin

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