Rosetta Bar, 11th August 2002

Fourth band of the night were the mighty Scavenger. What can I say? Or should that be 'where do i start?'. This band hit the stage looking like a bunch of indie kids but all preconceptions were put firmly to shame when they slid into their opener. Before we knew it we were being hit in the face with some of the finest power metal i've heard in a very long time. The frontman was as energetic and charismatic as they come, throwing himself round the stage in true old school style; into the crowd, over the floor, off the walls. Coupled with powerful vocals and an incredible range he really did steal the show. I had to notice the guitarists incredible rythym technique, he never missed a beat to my recollection despite some pretty tough riffs and being the only guitarist much respect is due here. I have to admit that I did check out their mp3s from the new album and while they were excellent, they're a whole new band live. I hope they make it up from Drogheda again soon because anyone who hasnt seen them yet really must do soon.

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