Translation by Ciara Kinnarney

U hoo!!! Once again, we finally have a young, hopeful Metal band that has already proven themselves with their first album. The four Irish lads are Peter Dunne (vocals), Niall Cooney (Bass), Noel Maher (guitar) and Cisco Pike (Drums)playing principally pure Heavy Metal, as I understand it. Or formulated another way, in some of the wording from the Promotional text, ‘Sharp Edged Power Metal’. Sure/Definitely, and SCAVENGER sound exactly so. Everything clear now? No? Well, then I will simply throw a few bands into the room, with which SCAVENGER remind me of, in one way or another: OMEN, RIVAL, ICED EARTH, IRON MAIDEN, THE CULT, SLAYER and DEATH. That really doesn’t go together and so sounds the absolutely independent 8 tracks.

Let’s use the name-dropping a bit more intensely. ‘Soul of Fire’ sounds, in principal, as it were J.D. Kimball (OMEN – "GRANDMAS" LOL! don’t you just love on-line translations ) in the old Iced Earth. Peter Dunne has a simply great dirty ‘organ’ (vocal), that is absolutely predestined for Heavy Metal and clearly emphasises SCAVENGER from the rest of the group of newcomers. Fortunately, the four give permanent energy, with ‘Fall Out’ one almost lands in the Thrash field, and is in the intensity range of SLAYER (or as the free translation either, “and reaches nearly the intensity of SLAYER”) In the middle part (?better word?), there is a cool Guitar solo that could be inspired by MAIDEN. Killer! ‘Waited Too Long’, ‘Breaking the Chains’ and ‘War Cry’ are fast tunes that altogether have a shining arrangement and has a warm listening potential throughout. ‘Shadow Lands’ on the other hand shines with ease, light “frickeleigen” (sorry, don’t know that one?) guitar sounds that one would gladly hear from DEATH, while Peter Dunne in the first tones almost sounds like Ian Astbury from THE CULT, in order to release his aggressive Power roars. And also, with the cool instrumental part of ‘Slaughter of Innocence’, one can find Power roars, great Riffs, surprising Breaks and Double bass.

All in all therefore, an all around successful "Silberling" (very positive word describing the album?), that any fan of Power metal, with a liking of dirty power, will simply love. Whoever follows bands such as OMEN, RIVAL, or the old ICED EARTH can act without hesitation on this one.

Alternatively, you can get it from The Miskatonic Foundation.
Play Tips: Soul Of Fire, War Cry, Fall Out, Slaughter of Innocence.

Peter Kubaschk [19.04.2003]

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