Much has been expected of newcommers SCAVENGER. They are the only band in Ireland to play power metal, but wheather they do or not has caused much debate between those who've heard this exciting new band. I can't call them original as power metal or straight up heavy metal has been done before but I can compare them with like and see how they stand.

SCAVENGER's style owes a lot to thrash metal gods like METALLICA or MEGADETH aswell as their power and heavy metal influences - most notably IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PREIST. The overall SCAVENGER sound is more a modern MAIDEN/PRIEST that doesn't sound too far removed from ICED EARTH and other bands like them.

Vocally I was really impressed with this offering as they combine Dave Mustaine with Halford and Dickenson (a strange combination, eh?). Don't let the Mustaine comparison fool you or discourage you because it is perfect here. He really has a good set of lungs on him!!

The guitar work is the standard power/heavy riffs played and written well. Nice catchy elements thrown in with the chorus sections in particular - they really could do with a second guitarist live though but that is another issue.
The drums are maybe slightly too loud in the mix at times - maybe you like that overloud bass drum? - but I think it works well and doesn't detract from the songs (and belive me there are some great ones!).

I would urge anyone who likes good heavy metal to check this out. These guys deserve some recognition for this effort and it has been hailed by all who've heard it. Stand out tracks for me would be "Waited Too Long", "War Cry" and "Slaugher Of Innocence".
As good as it gets really...

9 / 10 Niall

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