Despite the rising number of new bands popping up in Ireland, one thing has always been obviously missing: Ireland has had no true Heavy Metal band… until now! In true Co. Louth tradition (remember Prophecy, anyone?), these lads have seemingly come from nowhere to produce a blinding debut demo of highly energetic, thrashing METAL that has been gaining a lot of positive (and deserved) attention since its launch a while back. Galloping through eight songs, with riffing to rival the likes of Megadeth or, more so, Iced Earth, this release is right up my street. Each band member is 100% capable on his chosen instrument and, all-in-all, Scavenger execute their Metal with a confidence that's rare for a debut demo. However, that all-important factor in a traditional Metal band, the vocals, is one area that I'd like to see worked upon. Don't get me wrong, Peter Dunne has a fantastic set of pipes to rival the top names in the business, but he 's singing (as do many others) in what sounds like a pseudo-American tone; something that gets to me with a lot of bands. Don't let that put you off, though, as this really is a gem of a debut and I, for one, expect to see this band going places. Fuck it; if I had the cash myself, I'd be chasing their signatures right now, so labels, don't miss this opportunity… if any band is worthy of a deal, it's Scavenger. Breathtaking stuff!

9/10 - JediFart

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