Ireland (and Northern Ireland) seem to be on the right track. In the old days they were fronted by THIN LIZZY, GARY MORE and SWEET SAVAGE but then there was silence. Today comes long bands like MOURNING BELOVETH, HONEY FOR CHRIST and here and now SCAVENGER to regain lost territory. Inspired by bands like IRON MAIDEN, DEATH and MEGADETH SCAVENGER play sturdy heavy metal with "real" vocals, venomous guitars and they do it so well. Occasionally there's a feeling of Bay Area and one song is a down right SLAYER-tune.

Demo opener "Soul of Fire" is in short smashing. Messrs Peter Dunne, vox, Niall Cooney, bass, Noel Maher, guitars, and Johnny Kerr, drums, impress me. "Times Long Past" are in the same heavy metal/Bay Area-vein. More great songs are "War Cry", "Shadowed Lands", that even contains a tad of bluesy vocals, the SLAYER-clone "Fall Out" and, well..., most of the stuff feels good right away. Many bands with a contract performs worse than this. Apart from "Fall Out" they don't get to close to their idols, my guess is that there's a good deal of SCAVENGER present here. The band leaves me in fine fashion with "Slaughter of Innocence" and I recommend this demo with a smile. Is it possible that the demo of the year has arrived already in February?

Mikael Johansson

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