Translation by John McGartoll

My first impression after receiving "Scavenger" wasn't the best: a self produced debut album coming from a country, Ireland, where metal has never been very big, certainly didn't raise my hopes. But faced with an album like this, no scepticism can survive. Even though they haven't invented anything new, indeed they copy Megadeth's modus operandi quite clearly, Scavenger have succeeded in creating a miraculous CD. There are only eight songs, but what great songs! Who cares that Peter Dunne's voice is very similar to Dave Mustaine, it is a waste of time complaining about lack of originality in an album which is an explosion of thrash of a quality which more unique than rare. Not a single note or chord in this half-hour of music is filler, all four members are great musicians, the emotions put accross are strong, there's so much adreneline created: overall a surprising final result. Considering furthermore that the production is more than good (taking into account the difficulties of self-releasing), this album is unmissable. A work like this would be enough to bring Megadeth back to their peak, that's all you need to konw. I don't think I need to say anything else about these four Irish thrashers, I just need to go back to listening to their masterpiece."

9/10 Fearxes

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