This Irish metal band have been around since 2001 and Madness to our Method is their debut. As such, this strong album really has impressed me a lot!

It could just as well have been made by a big metal act in the 80’s/ first 90's, their sound is back to classic Heavy Metal, nevertheless with a great deal of modern authority. I believe that they will for sure succeed and prove that you don’t always have to come up with something new and different to reach the top. Great musicians, a solid voice and an effective strong rhythm- section: good material , well enough.

The songs are quite long but it never gets boring. They are always presented with the same fire and enthusiasm. Take for example Prisoner of time, which is about 9 minutes of pure action. The only weak track in my opinion is the instrumental one that feels a bit pointless and doesn’t quite fit together with the feel and sound on the rest of the album.

The sound is sometimes a weak spot when the drums become noisy and gives you the impression of them beeing closed up in a closet. But these complaints all seem like very small things not worth arguing about when the rest of it is as good as it is!

My definate favourite is Unstoppable Motion which has all the necessary ingredients to make it a number one.

Are you curious now? I hope so because you better have your ears and eyes on this band since my guess is that they will be one of the next bands to conquer the Heavy Metal world! Just give them some time....

Rating: 9/10
Lisa Hieta_Larsson

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