Fibbers, Dublin
Friday 9th August 2002

I had heard some rumours that Scavenger were good and, like all rumours, they have a grain of truth, but this rumour has its own sheaf. Fibbers is well known for its crap sound, but tonight was different; perhaps the fact that the band brought their own soundman helped - a note to all up-and-coming bands. Scavenger arrived on 'stage' to a crowd of approximately 100 eager punters. These boys play balls to the wall Heavy fucking metal without compromise, and they are excellent at what they do. Over their hour-long set, they certainly convinced me that Metal is alive and well among the up-and-coming bands on this Fair Isle. Driving double bass blasted through the speakers, played with such conviction and accuracy that belies the bands age. Shredding and powerful vocals, courtesy of Peter Dunne who ran around the crowd and stage, were note perfect and perfectly complemented the accomplished guitar playing of Noel Maher; even his between song banter was quite funny. Most of the material came from their self-titled debut album, "Scavenger", and brings me back to the heady days of Megadeth and Metallica with some all-out 'True' Metal (whatever that is!) attack on offer. A fifteen-minute Black Sabbath medley was a brave move, but it paid off, note perfect with offerings from "Paranoid", "War Pigs", etc.. and really got the crowd going, before closing with Maiden's "Revelations". "Scavenger" is one album I am going to buy immediately. One thing that does distress me, however, is the image of the band: baggy trousers and short hair doesn't really suit the sound they have. If these guys were from any other country they would be huge but being from Ireland, they could sink into Irish Metal folklore. Lets hope not.

Darren Moore

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