Besides great bands like Antimatter and Mourning Beloveth, the Irish label Sentinel Records signed with a good promise of Heavy/Power Metal. Scavenger is a new and talented band created in 2001 in Ireland. Their debut has six tracks full of creativity and innovation and was produced by Bastardsun guitarist Stuart Anstis (Ex-Cradle of Filth). The band is much influenced by traditional Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and, sometimes, by bands like Megadeth. The band is formed by Peter Dunne (V), Niall Cooney (B), Noel Maher (G), and Johnny Kerr (D). Peter is an excellent singer with a good future but sometimes slides at the treble tones. It’s sad that the mixing has prejudiced his vocal work and the drums’. Indeed they are a great group and will release better and better albums, healing these few problems. Highlights: “Storm Warning”, “Ethereal Journey” and “Daydreams in Dystopia”. Congratulations for Scavenger and Sentinel.

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