Eamonn Dorans, Dublin
Sunday 20th October 2002

Scavenger. That word alone will be enough to describe Drogheda's heaviest sons to anyone who's seen them live. These guys are nothing short of spectacular, and it was nice actually seeing them on a raised stage for a change. This evening's set was short in comparison to the previous time I'd seen Scavenger headline, but the band still probably got the best reaction of the day. Not bad, when the majority in attendance wouldn't have heard anything by them prior to this show. What's more, a good proportion of the 'crowd' chanted the band's name more than once during the set. I have a lot of hope for these lads - lets just hope that a decent label stumbles across them in the near future, as this is a band that will sell by the bucketload across Europe if given the opportunity.

Mairtin MacCormaic

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