On The Outside
Cool bass-solo (music-students will despair by it hehe) and horny Paragon sounding riff as introduction to this song. Very various and first good impression of the Irish !!

Storm Warning
It's really the truth 'cause a storm's coming up here. I just heard some short growls before the breaks, haha, crazy idea … drifting and destroying Uptempo-song like Iced Earth in the 'Burnt Offerings'-era.

Ethereal Journey
Midtempo-hammer that immediately goes straight into the ears and brain. First I thought, hey Hypocrisy, :-))). Very silent and atmospheric middle-section. THE killer of the album for me.

Prisoner Of Time
It's not a homage to Running Wild, furthermore the 'Our' is missing in the song-title, hehe. 9,23-minutes-epic where every second of it is Metal. When you'll hear it several times it'll become the secret fave on ' Madness'. This track shows in very impressive way that long songs must not be boring !!

The forgotten 2.27 minutes of this promo hehe. Other will use it as intro ...

Unstoppable Motion
Slowly this track will come in motion, but then … it's motion's unstoppable. One of my faves. Song with much facets, the middle-section will break down your neck !!

Daydreams In Dystopia
Song with good passages, isn't able to hold up the level of it's predecessors ...



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