At the East coast of Ireland there's a small town called Wicklow that's the home of the label and distribution Sentinel Records from which I got this record. Thanxx Adrian for sending !! This country south from Dublin is named "The Garden of Ireland". That shall be enough of the little geography-excursion by Eddie :-))) SCAVENGER was found three years ago and the four boys are able now to present their quiet brilliant debut. This album will become very good headbanging stuff for fans of Power and Thrash Metal, and of course also lovers of progressive sounds will like it. If you'll find albums like 'Burnt Offerings' or 'The Dark Saga' by Jon Schaffer & Co in your wardrobe (and they are ruined 'cause having used them too often) and you'd like to hear this fillet-pieces with a certain Testament-touch I can offer you MADNESS TO OUR METHOD as alternative. What has surprised me particular at first however is the impetuous guitar-power that's generated by only one guitar here. It's startling and fascinating at the same time because a brutality close to Slayer is creepin' up in some parts !! Yeah, after my old ears SCAVENGER are getting their inspiration and influences from Metal heroes like named Iced Earth, Testament and also a little bit of Death Angel, hehe. It's simply a truly pleasure to listen these songs and hear fuckin' and hard Metal. And a person as me who also loves to hear some progressive sounds is actually 'very amused' to feel a certain flair older Fates Warning in slowly parts of some songs. *Wondering myself, scratches at the behind-head and can't remember* when I listened such an record at least. While having a look at the picture of SCAVENGER you'll get a feeling that these guys are really brave boys every mother wishes to be their son-in-law. Yeah, but a impression can deceive hehe. On the first gaze you won't expect that they're delivering pressure-full Power Metal / Heavy Metal riffing, catchy and various melodies, good arranged songs with much power and feeling inside and a really pounding drumming. The progressive elements and thrashy Bay Area nuances pushes the songs and are very good to become a own character. With Shouter Peter Dunne the band has got an voluminous organ and his voice acts very various. In higher regions of the scale he can be even compared with Heavy Metal singers like Tobias Sammet / Henning Basse. AND, you won't expect such an siren behind the micro of an band that has chosen the harder and thrashy way :-)) Surprise, surprise … but I've got the feeling that he doesn't show his full potential. This album here won't offer negative points at first sight. Ok, after my taste the produced sound by Stuart Anstis (ex Cradle Of Filth) is following these "Iced Earth of the middle 90's" style too much but it's not rather tragic, hehe. A real funny story to the conclusion. The track-list of this promo let's missing a song. Six songs are named, but seven songs are pressed on CD - the 'Instrumental' was forgotten to be named. Maybe Sentinel thought it wasn't necessary to name it after the motto "... no one sings here, so drop it ..." :-))) Older persons like me can be getting confused by this … ok, if you've left some money back while having the festival-season now then just have a look at the website of Sentinel Records ( and invest in Europe :-)))
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