Lately, I haven't really been interested in any new thrash releases, so I was somewhat apprehensive about this album, coming from an Irish metal band.

But the truth is this quartet can play, and their debut Cd is pretty impressive. The overall sound in the album stays consistent and the production is solid. One thing that was really noticeable was the ability these guys have to play great thrash riffs and complement them with a good rhythm section: nice speed, good beats, and enjoyable changes and breaks. Another aspect of their music that's evident is the melody that spreads all throughout the album, making them sound more like a melodic version of Megadeth (with some Maiden-ish touches here and there) but by no means is the record soft; the melodic parts just make it more varied, and the heavy, modern riffs actually remind you this is good old thrash metal- as weird as that may sound.

The downside of the album were the vocals. Now, Peter Dunne has a good melodic voice and it fits the music, but I think the vocals stuck out too much over the music: they muted the other instruments at times and his fierce screaming could get annoying. Also, the need for another guitar player is perceptible in certain parts. Noel Maher is a good guitarist, coming at you with an array of riffs, but he needs the help of another player, not because he isn't good, but because the music asks for more layers, more harmonies, and even more power in a couple of parts. I am just saying that having two guitarists instead of one would improve the band tremendously.

Highlights include "On the Outside" and "Prisoner of Time," but "Storm Warning" might be the first track to grab you and win you over, and it's definitely the best song in the album.

I am glad there's a band out there going back to the roots of metal and adding modern details to it. This is a thrash band to lookout for in the near future; and even Iced Earth lovers might want to take a look at this one. Thumbs up for the Irish metal-heads.

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