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We will be supporting THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG for the Irish leg of their European Tour which is happening in September. More information will be posted here soon. Dates for the European tour are below:

Friday Sept. 3rd – The Rosetta Bar, BELFAST , IRELAND (+ SCAVENGER)
Saturday Sept. 4th – Eamonn Dorans, DUBLIN , IRELAND (+ SCAVENGER)
Sunday Sept. 5th – The Cruiscin lan, CORK , IRELAND (+ SCAVENGER)
Wednesday Sept. 8th – ITZEHOE , GERMANY (+ IRONSWORD)
Thursday Sept. 9th – BERLIN , GERMANY (+ IRONSWORD)
Friday Sept. 10th – ATHENS , GREECE (+ IRONSWORD)
Saturday Sept. 11th – AGRINIO , GREECE (+ IRONSWORD)
Monday Sept 13th - LONDON , ENGLAND (+ THE RIVER)

Our guestbook is now up and running so you can add your comments/abuse. Click here to sign the guestbook. [ View Guestbook ].

NEAR FM 101.6 [website] have asked us to appear on their weekly metal show 'Livewire', the best in metal/hard rock. When a date is confirmed, I will stick it up here.

Recently did a brief interview with us about our upcoming cd 'Madness to Our Method'. Check out the interview [here]. Also, there is an mp3 up on our site now of one of the songs off the new cd - the song is called 'Ethereal Journey' [download track] .

We can finally announce that we have signed to the Irish Metal Label, Sentinel Records - []. Sentinel Records will release our debut album entitled
'Madness To Our Method'. We recorded the album at FatDog Studios Duleek, Co. Meath and it has been recently mixed and mastered by Stuart Anstis. Launch date will be announced shortly and there will be a gig to coincide with it.

We have changed the address and look of our website. You can now access it through the address Site is still going through construction, so updates will be added regularly. Guestbook, links and photos still to be added.

Right now, we're finishing off a few touches on the songs and getting them ready for recording. We go into the studio on the 22nd March and hopefully finish up on the 5th/6th April. Artwork for the album is being prepared also and that will be in its final stages real soon. Duplication will be set up in about two weeks. All in all, were hoping to have it released by the end of May.

Well its been ages since I updated the site but anyway, here's what has briefly happened since the last time. The Glenside Metal Meeting was a good auld laugh. We were 3rd on the bill so we finished early and since we had a gig the next night in Monaghan, we had to left at about eight. We enjoyed it anyways and it was great to meet some heads from MetalIreland. Monaghan was great - Halloween and we all got pissed before we went on!! Great night, and great laugh had with fellow Drogheda band Carraig!! Thanks to Marty and Stephen from Writhe for the gig - Cheers!! Temple Bar Music Centre followed this!! We got a great live recording of this gig which hopefully I'll have up here to download soon, or ye can email for a copy of it (includes Black Sabbath Medley). Had a few gigs in the Temple too, in Dublin, cheers Sam and Carl (Atomic Drop) for the gigs - we'll see yiz in December. Our next two gigs, the 20th and 21st of December are our last before we head into the studio to record our second album. So for the last while, we've been getting down to the grind stone and writing some tunes!! The next release will probably contain 6 tracks - this time we will have artwork done for the cover!! Well that sums it up really - cheers, and thanks for visiting the website!!!

EAMONN DORANS - 20th OCT (Review)
A great day & night it was!! 8 bands - Primordial, Abbadon Incarnate, Fisted Sister, Scavenger, Primal Dawn, The Swarm, Revile and Decay. The crowd for a Sunday was pretty good and everyone still got steamin drunk - GREAT!! Great crack with The Swarm boyz. We got a great reception for our set!! (thanks everyone for starting the scavenger chant!! haha). It was such a good day that we wished it could happen again. And happen again it will on the 26th October in Carlow. Similar line up but more bands this time. Starts at 1:00 SO BE THERE!!!

Theres an all day gig starting at 2 o'clock on Sunday, 20th October in Eamonn Dorans. Featured bands are Primordial, Abbadon Incarnate, Waylander, Honey For Christ, Scavenger, Fisted Sister. Primal Dawn and more (to be confirmed). Should be a good one.

There is a new bunch of photos added to the photos section. These pics were taken in Fibbers, Dublin by a mate of Nialls (Bass) - I'll get his name!!

We headlined a gig in the Rosetta, Belfast with Inner Peace Project and Hexxed. It was our first time seeing Hexxed live and speaking for myself, they blew me away. Excellent band. Hope to get them down to Drogheda for a gig or two. Andy, cheers for the great sound that you always achieve. Thanks to all the mad northern metalheads up banging away for our set. YOU FUCKIN RULE!!! Thanks to Ronan for the transport. And last but not least, Mr. Magners, thanks for the support and keepin us all amused!!! haha!!! Cheers Ritchie. Thanks also to Taz and James (Moshpit) for the gig and support. Talk to ye soon.

We've just been writing a few new songs for our next recording. So far we have included two of the new songs in our recent live sets - Daydreams in Dystopia and On The Outside (Looking in). These songs were included in our live set in Belfast at the Rosetta which we recorded. The recording will be available soon to download in the Multimedia section.

9th August - Fibbers, Dublin:
Support came from Black Art Principle who played a stormer of a set, even though they had problems with their amps before playing. Nice one lads!! We got a good reception from the Fibbers crowd, especially towards the end of the set as we played Revelations (Maiden) and a medley of Black Sabbath songs that lasted 20 mins. Cheers Sam for organising the night.
10th August - Fred Zeppelins, Cork:
We headed down to Cork with the Black Art boys to play Freds. We all really enjoyed this night. The turn up wasn't the best, but we had a laugh with the monaghan boyos. Good to meet Snare and co. Thanks to Freds for the great night.
11th August - Rosetta, Belfast:
The lineup for this gig was Condemned, Scavenger, Aftermath, Linus, Inner Peace Project. All these bands were great. Condemned were impressive as usual. We played a set that contained two new songs we had just wrote. We also recorded the gig on mini-disc. Sounds well!!! The night overall? great sound, great bands, great venue, great night. There's a review of the gig in the reviews section. Check it out [here]. Cheers Andy for the gig. We hope we can play there again real soon.

METAL IRELAND - SCAVENGER: ALBUM OF THE MONTH have chosen Scavenger's debut album the 'Album of the Month'. Check out
[] for more details or go to the Reviews section to read the review. Cheers to Ciaran from MetalIreland.

Duplication and printing process is now complete and CD's have been distributed to the shops. In Dublin, the CD is available in Sound Cellar, Secret Book and Record Store and Spin Dizzy. In Drogheda, the CD is available in The Basement, The Sound Shop and Riffs. CD is priced at 10 EURO. You can also buy the CD online at DMG DIRECT
[] under the New Irish Bands section. Or if you want, you can email [s] and we'll send you out a copy.

(Jun 02)
June 14th, McHughs, Drogheda - Support band Fallen played Metallica and Slayer covers such as Fade to Black and Master of Puppets to South of Heaven and Raining Blood. Cheers to Fallen for playing a great gig. Scavenger got interrupted at the start of their set when the Gardai warned the owner of McHughs that there was a lot of under age drinking going on and that it must be stopped. The pub had to be evacuated so that all people could then be asked for id when coming back in. Fortunately, most people got back in and we're grateful for those people who stood in the rain and came back and didn't piss off. Sorry to all the other guys who didn't get in. We'll make it up to you. We're trying to book the Drogheda Arts Centre (who won't let us play there still!!), so when we do we'll let you know and we'll destroy the fucking place. Thanks again to everyone who came and thanks to Ritchie for the great sound he gave us on the night.

Right now, the process of cds getting duplicated and album covers getting printed is being done. If you have not yet heard the album, you can download samples of each song or you can download the whole 8 songs. Just go to the 'Multimedia' section to download it. Or if you want to email us for a copy of the album just click here to order a copy.

August 20th
Voodoo Lounge,
Dublin (Launch Gig)

October 22nd
Wakefield Snooty Fox, England

October 23rd

London Kingston Peel, England

October 24th
Birmingham, England

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