Honey For Christ Carraig
Corrupted Fallen
Riff Master General Metallitia
Primal Dawn Black Art Principle
Hexxed Aftermath
The Swarm Revile
Primordial Linus
Abaddon Incarnate Atomic Drop
Slave Zero Coldwar
Waylander Carnun Rising
Spindrift Condemned
Mourning Beloveth Slaughter of Souls (UK)ondemned
The Enchanted (UK) Bloodstream (UK)
Humbug (NORWAY) Red Twelve
Smut The Gurriers
Gama Bomb Eyesclosed
Devilmakesthree Escape (UK)
  The Gurriers
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Irish Metal Websites

The Distortion Project Distortion Project Records
Metal Ireland
Toxic Promotions
Sentinel Ireland
Metalworks Magazine
Emerald Promotions
Fred Zeppelins
Schism Records Invictus Productions
Day of Darkness  
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Other Websites/Webzines

Local Music Directory
Total Rock
Thumped BNR Metal Pages
Everbleeding Metal Observer
Winter Chaos 2003 PowerMetal Webzine
Metal-Only Webzine Den of Iniquity
The Miskatonic Foundation MetalManiacs Webzine
Quintessence Metal Webzine
Directory Of Dirge
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